Weed Trimmers

Trimmers Trim in Areas Where Mowers Cannot Reach

Do you have places where your lawn mower cannot cut? Do you have difficulty in mowing the grass along a fence or post? Do you have bushes where the grass seems to grow and the lawn mower cannot reach? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you need to consider purchasing a weed trimmer. The weed trimmer review will provide the consumer with information about weed trimmers (grass trimmers, line trimmers, string trimmers or weed eaters) are some other names these power tools go by in the trade.

What Is A Weed Trimmer?

A weed trimmer is a power tool that uses one or two nylon lines which are powered with such force to cut (trim) grass and weeds in places where the lawn mower cannot reach. They work very well along fences, posts, edges of sidewalks and driveways, and under bushes. Most of these models can even trim tall weeds. Using a weed trimmer helps your yard looking great.

What Is The Power Formats of Trimmers?

Weed trimmers come in three main power formats and they are: cordless or battery, electric and gas powered models.  We will explain each of these formats in greater detail below to help you determine which one is best for you.

If you are concerned about the environment, then consider buying an electric or battery powered weed trimmer.

Cordless or Battery Powered Trimmers

Here is some battery or cordless trimmer information:

  • Battery powered or cordless electric trimmers are Eco-friendly and offer push-button starts and easy upkeep.
  • Limited run time.
  • Depending upon the manufacturer, the run times can vary from 24 minutes and up to 1 hour.
  • Re-charging the battery may take from a few hours and up to 10 hours or more.
  • It’s recommend that you consider purchasing a back-up battery so you can trim longer to complete the job.
  • These models are less noisy and do not require earplugs.
  • These models are generally less expensive than gas powered trimmers.

Electric Power Trimmers

Electric power trimmer information:

  • Electric power trimmers are Eco-friendly for the environment.
  • Provide unlimited run time.
  • Limitation only to the location of a power outlet.
  • Limited to the length of the extension cord.
  • Easy upkeep.
  • Easy starting.
  • Less noisy and some models do not require earplugs.
  • These models are generally less expensive than gas powered trimmers.

Gas Powered Trimmers

Gas power trimmer information:

  • Gas powered trimmers provide great mobility.
  • Unlimited run time.
  • Require refueling.
  • Some models cannot be used in California due to CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliance restrictions.
  • Require maintenance and upkeep.
  • Storage of gas.
  • Gas stabilizer should be used to keep gas fresh.
  • Noisy and wearing earplugs are recommended.
  • More expensive than battery or electric powered models.


Deciding on which weed trimmer to purchase will depend upon some factors such as your budget and the amount of trimming your yard needs after mowing. Another factor to consider is the knowing the farthest location from the electric outlet you need to trim if purchasing an electric model. Most electric trimmer manufacturers have a restriction of 100 feet for the extension cord. Be sure your electric model will reach that point.

We hope that this weed trimmer review was helpful and has provided you with knowledge so you can purchase the weed trimmer that is best for your needs. Please review our article on weed trimmer maintenance as this information should be helpful in keeping your trimmer in top shape.

Some of these weed trimmers have been reviewed by Consumer Reports Magazine May, 2011 issue and come highly recommended by them.

Happy trimming!

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Battery Powered Trimmers

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Electric Trimmers

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