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Black-Decker CM1640 40V Battery Lawn Mower

Black-Decker CM1640 40V Battery Lawn Mower

The Black & Decker lawn mower models are worth every penny because they are made with high-quality materials. The brand is well-known and honor their warranty. They have been providing tools and lawnmowers for many years. You should be able to find a mower model that is best for your lawn type and size. Don’t forget about the obstacles that may be in the yard that you must mow around. Be sure the model you choose is one you can easily handle around them.

This brand is mainly known for their battery-powered and electric lawn mowers but do have some gas-powered models.

Black & Decker History

The company was founded in September, 1910.

In 1916, they manufactured the first electric power tool.

In 1966, they unveiled their first lawn mower.

In 1969, they launched their first cordless lawn mower model.

In 2010, they merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker.

In 2014, they rebranded as Black & Decker.

Why My Electric Mower Does Not Start?

Black-Decker Electric BEMW472BH 10A Lawn Mower

Black-Decker Electric BEMW472BH 10A Lawn Mower

Owners of an electric mower may experience times when it just won’t start. Below are some reasons why the mower does not start:

  • Is the Electric Start Push Key Fully Inserted? Fix: Make sure the key is fully in.
  • Is the battery fully charged? Plug battery into the charger to recharge the battery. Some models come with 2 batteries. While one is charging, the other is being used to mow. Fix: Recharge the battery after every mowing session.
  • The Engine May Be Flooded. Fix: Just wait a few minutes before restarting the engine again.
  • The GFCI May Have Tripped. Check to see if the outlet where you plugged the cord into may have tripped the BFCI button. Fix: Reset it by pressing the little button on the outlet until it clicks.
  • The Circuit Breaker May Have Tripped. In some instances, the mower could have tripped the circuit breaker. Fix 1: Check the fuse box for any fuse or fuses that may have tripped. Reset it. Fix 2: Check around the blade for any debris and clear them. Disconnect the spark plug boot and remove the start key. Reattach the spark plug boot and reinsert the start key. Wait 30 seconds so the breaker can self-reset, and try restarting the mower again.
  • You May Have Spark Plug Issues. The spark plug could be damaged, blackened or fouled. Fix: Remove spark plug and clean it. Replace it if necessary.

Why My Battery Powered Mower Won’t Start

Black-Decker Battery Lawn Mower Features

Black-Decker Battery Lawn Mower Features

Now let’s share some reasons why your battery-powered mower won’t start. It is common for mowers from time to time not to start. Below are some reasons:

  • The starter key is not fully engaged. This happens more times than not. Fix: Be sure that the starter key is fully inserted into the lawn mower and it should start.
  • Plug connections may be loose. During mowing or storing mower, sometimes plug connections can get loose or disconnect. Fix: Check all plugs and wire connections around the battery to ensure that they are properly connected. Feel free to unplug and reconnect them to ensure there is a good connection.
  • Safety handles are not properly engaged. On some models you must engage the safety handle. Some models have an “on” switch. Fix: Read the owner’s manual to determine if you are not to engage the safety handle. This is a safety feature to prevent children from accidentally flipping the lawn mower on by using the switch.
  • Insufficient power. Fix: Check the power connections to ensure they are properly connected and check the battery.
  • Debris is restricting blade rotation. There may be some debris on the blade or under the cutting deck that is causing the blade from rotating. Fix: Clear any grass trimmings from the blade and under the deck. It’s best to clean under the deck after every mowing session.
  • Clogged vents. Vents on the mower are there to prevent the engine from overheating. Fix: Clean any clogged vent or vents. Be careful not to damage them. Use a clean cloth to wipe off anything that is on the vent. Refrain from using any liquids as they could disintegrate the mower’s lubrication.
  • Damaged components. Over time, components on the mower will wear down and need to be replaced. Some of these are: power cords, batteries, blades and plug-ins. Fix: Any of these components should be repaired by your local fix-it shop. The batteries and blades you can fix yourself using the proper tools. Otherwise, take the mower to the local shop.
  • Still not starting, what do I do? This may require professions help. However, before you engage a professional, check out all of the above reasons first. If the mower does not start, you have a more serious problem that requires assistance from a professional. You can call the manufacture’s customer support team and get a possible solution from them. They will inform you if the mower can be fixed or needs to be scrapped and you buy a new one.

The best way to keep your mower running, starting and keeping it in top shape, is to perform the standard maintenance as outlined in the manual. By doing this you will increase the life span of the mower.

Final Tip: Never pull your mower during a cutting session as it can damage the motor. Also, the grass will not properly discharge out the shoot. Lawnmowers are made to be pushed. So, remember, push your mower and not pull.

My Electric Mower Keeps Cutting Out

We will now share some causes as to why you might be experiencing a cutting out motor during a mowing session.

Cause 1: Bad Cables. Electric mowers require power cables to operate. No power, the blades will not spin. Look for internal damage due to constant pulling and flexing during use. If you don’t see any visual damage you can use a multimeter to see if the cable is damaged and flowing electricity.

Another way is accidentally running over the power cable and cutting it during a mowing session. Just replace the damaged cable with the proper size for your mower. Refer to the owner’s manual.

Cause 2: Start Switch. If the lawnmower does not start because the switch is not responding; it is not a good sign. A defective switch can cause intermittent motor power or no power at all. Fix: Replace the start switch. Refer to the owner’s manual for the part and how to perform the job. Otherwise, contact the manufacture’s customer service team for help.

Cause 3: Motor. Sometimes the motor can cut out. Below are some of the reasons:

  • Faulty Power Switch. We shared about this above. Or, a loose connection. If you checked that the cables and connections are tight and intact, most likely the motor is the culprit. You may experience the mower cuts out after using it during a mowing session.
  • Overheating Engine. The overheated engine can cause the thermal cut out to trip. Fix: Clear the air vents near the motor housing and check to see if they are clear of grass clippings. Allow cool air to flow into the motor. The motor can cut out due to cutting very tall grass too quickly and can cause the motor to cut out. Over time this can damage the motor. Lastly, if the motor cuts out and you are not cutting tall grass, the motor will need to be replaced. You will need to determine to replace the motor or just buy a new mower.


The Black & Decker brand of mowers will give you many years of service provided that you perform the yearly maintenance as stated in the owner’s manual. This also includes cleaning under the deck after every mowing session.
They primarially make electric and battery powered mowers. Be sure the model you choose is best for your lawn type and terrain. Some models handle the terrain and hills better than others.
Last, if you select an electric mower, be sure the cord will fit to mow the farthest part of the lawn from the electrical outlet. Most electrical mowers will have a 100 yard maximum cord length. Before choosing this brand of mower, do your homework by checking the backyard for an outlet that will reach all areas of the yard. If this is the case, an electric mower will do just fine. Otherwise, you will have to select another model either battery or gas-powered mower.

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