Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower

Eco-Friendly Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers today are Eco-friendly and make less noise than gas models. They save you the hassle of buying gasoline and storing it which can be hazardous.

If you have concerns about the environment, then buying an electric mower is just for you. We recommend using an electric mower for small to medium yards.

The biggest concerns about these mowers is that the cord can get caught in the blades of the mower if you are not careful. Also, most electric mowers have a limit of how far you can mow using an extension cord. Most models have a limit of 100 feet. Check your owner’s manual for the exact distance. Be sure you have an outlet source that will allow your mower to reach the farthest point in your yard to mow. Otherwise, you may need to use a battery, or gas powered mower.

It’s recommend that you use the proper extension cord for your model mower. Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct type of cord to buy. After every mowing season, always inspect the cord for any damage or cracks. If you should find any, replace the cord with a new one.

You also have some maintenance to perform on your mower every year. Some of them are required to maintain your warranty. Refer to the owner’s manual to know what type of maintenance has to be performed on the mower.

Read my article on lawn mower maintenance for more information.

On this page you will find seven manufacturer’s of seventeen different electric mower models to choose from. Some come with or without a grass catcher. Select the mower that is best for your budget.

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