When To Buy A New Lawn Mower



Mowing The Lawn

Mowing The Lawn

Replacing the lawn mower will be difficult unless you know some specific signs that the lawn mower needs to be replaced.  Also, getting a new mower is costly. As your lawn mower ages, it is getting worn down. This can happen to the best lawn mowers. If you have faithfully performed the maintenance as described in the owners’ manual, you not only keep it running great, but also extend the life of the mower. By doing this the mower will give you 10 or more years of service.

However, at some point, you will need to replace the mower. We will attempt to give you some signs to look for as to when you should expect to get a new lawn mower.

If you should notice your mower starting to click, chug, balk, and does not trim the grass as it used too, it’s time to invest into a new model.

Before you start looking for a new model, check out below what you can do to save your existing mower if it’s redeemable.

Video – Lawn Mower Maintenance This Old House

This is an excellent video showing lawnmower owners the maintenance that should be done to their mowers before spring arrives.

Signs My Corded Electric Mower Needs Replacing

We will now share some signs when you should replace your electric lawn mower. Normally, inexpensive models should last up to 200 hours. More expensive models can last up to 500 hours. It all depends on how often you mow and how much time it takes.

  • Check the blade. For the mower to run efficiently, you should check the blade for cracks and if it’s bent. Continually mowing grass with a dull, cracked or bent blade can cause issues. Sharpen the blade after every 25 hours of operation, and replace the blade if cracked or bent. You should replace the blade if you see any rust. You can manually sharpen the blade. Just follow the instructions in the owner’s manual. To keep the blades fresh and preventing rusting, just place a coat of oil on them and store mower for the winter.
  • Clean the undercarriage. This is another potential hazard if you do not clean under the deck after every mowing session. Debris can get built-up and cause the engine to work harder and possibly overheat. It also can prevent the blade from operating properly and even not move. Get into the habit of cleaning the mower deck. Some models have a cleaning washout hose port. Use it. Also, it is best to mow the grass when it’s dry to prevent straining the engine when cutting wet or tall grass.
  • Check the cord. It is important to check the electrical cord for any cracks in the insolation and any wear and tear or any other damage. Replace the cord if any of these issues are seen. Otherwise, you could experience some electric shocks while mowing the lawn. Never mow in wet weather or when the grass is wet. If you should mow over the cord, inspect it immediately for any damage. Replace it if any damage is seen.
  • Proper method of holding the cord. When using an electric lawn mower, there is a danger of mowing over the cord. There is a proper way to hold the cord when using the electric lawn mower. Always mow away from the outlet with the cord facing the outlet. When you mow, hold the cord in the hand that is closest to the outlet. When you turn, be sure to change the cord into the other hand before moving forward. By doing this, it will help you avoid mowing over the cord.

Video – The Proper Use of the Cord When Mowing

This is an excellent video showing how to properly mow the lawn and holding the electrical cord. Take a look!

Be Sure To Cover All the Bases

There are some things that require you to take some troubleshooting steps when replacing existing old parts before parting with the old mower. Now it’s time to cover the bases so you can make a decision whether to keep or buy a new lawn mower.

We mention these steps below.

Air Filter

We highly recommend that you check and if needed, replace the air filter. As you mow, debris can get into the air filter like grass clippings and plug up the air flow to the engine. The air filter helps keep debris from getting into the engine. Be sure to keep the air filter clean. If it’s too dirty, or damaged, replace it with a new one. If you do not change or clean the air filter regularly you can expect possible engine damage. If this happens, you will be buying a new lawn mower. Check the owner’s manual for the proper air filter part.

Another factor to consider is a clogged air filter can also affect the amount of fuel your mower will be consuming. A clogged air filter means the engine will be working harder and consuming more gas to operate normally. If you notice your mower consuming more fuel, check the air filter.

Get in the habit of changing the air filter before the start of the mowing season in the spring.

Stale Gasoline

STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer

STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer

Gasoline does get stale within 30 days after buying it. The main reason for gasoline in getting stale is ethanol. The ethanol absorbs water, especially during the hot humid summer. So, don’t let gasoline sit in the machine to long. To help maintain the gasolines freshness, just add a fuel stabilizer into the gas can after every fill up. This will keep the fuel fresh for 12 months. Old gas can ruin the running of the lawn mower by causing it to sputter or die during operation. It also can cause the carburetor to get dirty and will need cleaning.

At the end of the mowing season, let the engine run until it stops. This removes all the gas in the tank and carburetor. Now, it’s ready for storage until spring.

Check the Oil Level

It is recommended to change the oil at the end of the mowing season or in the spring before the first mowing session. This helps keep the engine properly lubricated. Low oil can cause some damage to the engine like overheating, and causing damage to the pistons which makes the pistons not to move smoothly within the engine. This will require you to replace the mower with a new one. Keep checking the oil level before every mowing session and refill as needed. Verify in the owner’s manual which type of oil is to be used in your mower.

Dull Cutting Blades

If you should see after mowing your lawn to appear yellow, brown and raggedy, this is due to a dull cutting blade. A dull lawn mower blade may even pull up portions of the grass because it actually pulls on the entire plant instead of cutting the grass cleanly. You may also observe grass ripped, torn, resulting in a jagged edge. These jagged edges will turn brown within days, causing an uneven look to the lawn. To fix this issue, just sharpen the blade. You should sharpen the mower blade after every 25 hours of operation or at the end of the mowing season.

Sharpen the mower blade if you should run over rocks, dog toys, or other objects in the yard. These objects can also bend, chip and crack the blade. If this happens, replace the blade with a new one. Mowing with a bent or chipped blade can damage the engine and body. You may also hear some strange grinding noises and the mower stalling. Bottom line is change the blade with a new one if you should hear these noises and keep the blade sharp.

Check the Belts

If you should own a self-propelled push mower with all-wheel drive, your lawn mower has belts. Over time, these belts can get worn and develop cracks. During the use of the mower it is possible for the belts to come off or get loose or damaged. If you should discover the belts are loose, just tighten them. If damaged, replace them. After every mowing session, check the belts for any damage, or loose, or have cracks. Make the appropriate fixes. Be sure to get the proper belt as mentioned in the owner’s manual if it needs to be replaced. If you notice the speed of the lawn mower slowing down it could be the result of a loose belt.

Check the Battery

If you should own a battery-powered lawn mower, the battery can, at some point, loose its charge. This is a sign that it needs to be replaced. Batteries should always have a full charge before mowing the lawn. Never allow the battery power to go below the 20% level as this can damage the battery. Keep a sharp eye on the battery as it should give off some signs that they need replacing.

Excessive Vibrating Mower

If you should observe excessive vibrating of your mower you could have some damaged drive belts. Be sure that the belts have been installed properly and check them for wear. Worn out or damaged drive belts need to be replaced. Also, when mowing, try not to mow over rocks and roots as they can cause damage to the belts. It is wise to check the belts before you begin any mowing session.

Another reason for vibration is loose bolts on the engine. Be sure to check the bolts all around the mower. If any are loose, tighten them.

Check the Spark Plug

It is recommended that you change the spark plug every spring or at the end of the mowing season. You can also check the spark plug for dirt or black film. Spark plugs should be clean so they can provide the best spark when starting the mower. It also makes the engine run smoother as well.

Check the Wheels

It is a good idea after each mowing session to check the tires. It is very important that they are in good condition. If the wheels are low in tire pressure, it will affect the cutting of the lawn. If they are chipped or damaged they will impact the performance of the mower. If you should have air tires, if the tires have low air pressure, you may see some unevenness in the cutting of the grass. The tires should always have the proper air pressure in them before any mowing session. Get into the habit of checking the tire pressure before a mowing session. At the end of the mowing season, it’s a good idea to lubricate them.

Clean the Deck

Before the start of the mowing season, be sure the deck is clean. You might want to consider to lubricate the undercarriage with WD40 or a deck spray. This helps prevent rust and stops grass and dirt from sticking. You still need to check under the deck after a mowing session to ensure that there are no debris or dirt sticking to the undercarriage of the mower. Doing this on a regular basis will help in extending the life of the mower.


Now you know some of the tips you can use on your lawn mower to keep it running in top shape and for a long time. Eventually, the lawn mower will just not work or have some major problems that can take lots of money to fix. It may be worth in buying a new lawn mower if that happens to you.

Remember, the lawn mower does not take care of itself. The owner must perform the standard maintenance as outlined in the owner’s manual. Doing the basic maintenance will extend the life of a lawn mower.

If your mower should show some of the signs mentioned above, you know it’s time to replace it with a new one.