Two-Stage Snow Throwers Removes Snow Easily

Snow Just Doesn’t Have A Chance With This Machine!

Do you live in an area where you receive lots of snow in the winter? If you do, you might want to consider the Ariens 921030 Deluxe 28 254cc 28 in. Two-Stage Snow Thrower to make the job of removing snow easy on you and save your back. This snow thrower clears a path up to 28-inches wide and 21-inches deep. It will also toss the snow out of your way for up to fifty (50) feet. This is awesome! The chute can be turned in any direction for up to 200 degrees.

On top of that, if you are in an area where you receive sub-zero temperatures, the engine is designed to work under these conditions. Besides that, is has a built-in electric start to make the task of starting the engine a lot easier.

The 921030 model has six (6) forward speeds and two (2) reverse speeds. It comes with a sensor that senses a change in direction automatically as you turn and adjusts the power to the inside wheel to make turning easier.

The chute can be adjusted as you go with a button on the control panel so you don’t have to stop and make adjustments to it. The chute also has a tightening screw to tighten it if it should not stay in the position you set while in the operating mode. You can turn the chute in any direction up to 200 degrees. It is all done at the control panel which makes the job of blowing and removing snow that much easier.

If the snowfall should come at night, don’t worry, the unit has a built-in headlight to light your way as you remove the snow. So, during the night or day, this unit will perform as expected to remove snow and not have to worry about shoveling the white stuff anymore.

As with all gasoline engines, it is recommended that you insert a gasoline stabilizer to the gas tank and reserve fuel to keep it fresh during the winter.

Video Showing Setup & Assembly

Product Specifications

Below are the specifications for this snowblower for you to compare with other similar products.

  • List Price: $1,247.99
  • Manufacture: Ariens
  • Model Number: 921030
  • UPC: 751058036953
  • Engine Type: 4-Cycle OHV
  • Engine Make: OEM Branded
  • Power: 254 cc
  • Torque: 12.5
  • Starting System: 120-Vold Electric /w Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.8 gallons
  • Oil Capacity: 32 ounces
  • Recommended Oil Type: SAE5W31
  • Auger Diameter: 14 (35.56 cm)
  • Auger Material: Serrated Steel
  • Impeller Diameter: 14 (35.56 cm)
  • Impeller Material: Steel 3-Blade
  • Chute Material: Steel
  • Chute Rotation: 2.5x Crank
  • Chute Turning Radius: 200 Degrees
  • Max Throwing Distance: 50 feet (15.24 meters)
  • Drive: Disc-O-Matic
  • Steering: Auto-Turn
  • Gear Case: Cast Iron (5-year warranty)
  • Forward Speeds: 6
  • Backward Speeds: 2
  • Tire Type: Directional Snow Tread
  • Tire Size: 16″ x 4.8″ (40.64 cm x 12.192 cm)
  • Remote Deflector Controls: Yes
  • Interlocking Controls: Yes
  • Hand Warmers: No
  • Headlights: Yes, Halogen
  • Skid Shoes: Included – Reversible
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Weight: 255 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 44.5L x 31.5W x 34.5H (113.03 x 80.01 x 87.63 cm)
  • Consumer Warranty: 3 Years
  • Commercial Warranty: 90 Days

Product Rating: 4.3, which is excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this product.

  1. Bought this model 921030 with electric start. It came with no extension cord. I can’t find where the cord can be connected. No picture in manual. Help? Answer: I had the same question. The extension cord connection is under a cover on the right hand side of the engine. It is right next to the red button for the electric starter. An extension cord does not come with the unit. This must be purchased separately or use a three-pronged extension cord in your house.
  2. There is no description about the self-propelled function. Is this unit self-propelled? Answer: It is self propelled with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. It also has the auto trac feature that drives both wheels automatically and then disengages one wheel when you turn the machine around. if you have a large driveway or get lots of snow get one that has a bigger engine than the 254 cc. the 12.5 ft lbs of torque in the 254 cc engine is adequate for my 125 ft driveway here in Wisconsin but i wish i had a bit more power. for most people it will be fine in all but the harshest snowfalls.
  3. What is the size of the tires on this machine? Answer: Tire size is 16″ x 5″ (41 x 12 cm) per the specifications provided by Ariens.
  4. What size chains do I need for this machine? Answer: Ariens lists the correct chains are their Sno-Throw Chains P/N 72601800 which fit Models 921024, 921030, 921037 and 921032.
  5. Does it come with a pull cord start? Answer: It has a pull cord as well as a 110 volt ac starter that plugs into the wall outlet.
  6. Do you know the shipping cost to Norway? Answer: CPO Outlets does not ship internationally unfortunately.
  7. Does this machine come shipped fully assembled? Answer: Some assembly is required.
  8. Is the light to be on all the time? Answer: Yes, while the machine is running.
  9. What type of fuel does this machine use? Answer: Regular Unleaded 87 octane with 10% ethanol.
  10. Does this machine have a pull cord? Answer: Yes. It also has an electric start. Note: The extension cord for the electric start does not come with the unit. You must purchase this item separately.

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Quick Start Guide Ariens 921030 Snow Thrower

Below is a link for the Ariens 921030 Snow Thrower quick start guide.

Ariens 921030 Quick Start Guide


It is recommended that you keep on hand some extra snow blower parts as mentioned below:

  • Shear Pins
  • Skid Shoes
  • Cold Engine Oil
  • Gas Stabilizer

By reading the owner’s manual, you will find the correct shear pin and skid shoe model numbers. The manual will also provide you with the correct oil type for the engine to have on hand.

Note: It is recommended that you add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and fuel reserve to prevent any engine problems.

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Ariens 921030 Deluxe 28 254cc 28 in. Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric StartAriens 921030 Deluxe 28 254cc 28 in. Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start
Ariens 921030 Deluxe 28 254cc 28 in. Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric StartAriens 921030 Deluxe 28 254cc 28 in. Two-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

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