Provides Protection When Removing Snow

Snow Thrower With Cab Attached

Snow Thrower With Cab Attached

When you use your snow blower do you usually encounter strong winds to deal with and the snow comes back into your face? If this is your situation then, the Arnold Deluxe Universal Snow Thrower Cab accessory just might be the right accessory for you. It protects you from the wind and any snow that might blow from a backlash of the snow being blown out of the shoot into the wind.

The universal snow cab protects the owner from the elements to keep him/her dry while removing snow and fits most two-stage snow blowers.

The Cab is designed to protect you from the winter winds when operating your snow thrower and makes it easier to see your pathway. The zipper in the front can be zipped up to reveal the dash light on the snow thrower to make operation easier.

Below are two videos one to show you how to assemble the cab and mount it on to your snow blower and the other showing you the cab installed in an actual snow removing job using an Ariens two-stage snow blower.

The topics that will be covered for this product are:

Deluxe Universal Cab Installation Video

This is an excellent video that shows you how to assemble the deluxe universal snow thrower cab step by step and mount it on to your snow blower. You may want to view this video more than once. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Ariens Snow Blower With Cab In Action Video

As you are watching this video, notice the high drifts and the snow that is coming back to him and see how he was protected by the cab. Awesome!

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Product Features

The product features are provided below for consumers to compare them with other similar products.

  • Manufacture: MTD (Arnold use to make these. MTD took them over in 1985.)
  • Product Part Number: 490-241-0032
  • Weight: 18.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30” x 11.75” x 4.5” (This item installs on the handle bar of the unit. If you are less than 6’4” it should fit with you standing straight up. If not, you might have to adjust the handle bar if that option is available with your snow blower)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Color: Black
  • Durable, clear vinyl and heavy duty, tear-resistant fabric
  • Reflective fabric for safety
  • Convenient side storage pouch
  • Easy Installation
  • Zippered flap to accommodate snow throwers with lights

Product comes in a box that the clear fabric will have some wrinkles when it’s removed from the box. To remove most of the wrinkles, just take a hair dryer and blow it on them. Be sure the dryer is not too close otherwise the material might melt.
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Amazon Product Ratings

This product was purchased by 132 customers and used the product and have rated this snow blower cab with an average score of 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is excellent.

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Product Pricing

Arnold Deluxe Snow Thrower Cab in Original Packaging

Arnold Deluxe Snow Thrower Cab in Original Packaging

The pricing for this product is provided so consumers can compare them with other similar snow blowers. The price of this product is provided for comparisons to other similar products. Note: This product is subject to change without notice.

Current Price: $63.82

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Fits Universal Products List 

This universal cab fits the following manufacturer’s 2-stage snow blowers:

  • Troy-Bilt
  • Craftsman
  • Yard Machines
  • Ariens
  • Toro
  • Husquvarna
  • Brute
  • John Deere
  • Most medium 2-stage snow blowers
  • Warranty: 30 Days Return Policy

Note: On some models to install this cab you may need to use some creative engineering to make it fit. This is expected for some snow blower models. Just be forewarned. Some things that might make alternation changes is a post, muffler and shoot, is their location on your model of snow blower.

Any questions you might have concerning this product, you can call Customer Sales Technical Department at: 1-800-269-6215. They will be more than glad to assist you. It is always recommended to call first before buying if you should have any unanswered questions about the product.

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What Others Are Saying About The Universal Snow Thrower Cab

We do not want for you to take our word for it but from the actual owners of the cab and what they had to about this product. You can read all of the 132 reviews by Clicking Here! MTD Universal Snow Thrower Cab Reviews

By Traverse City, January 19, 2015 – John Deere Owners Beware!

While this item appears to be well made and sturdy, be careful which model to purchase this for. I bought this to install on my 1998 John Deere 828D snow blower: while the unit claims to work on John Deere, let me tell you, it took me the better part of two days to modify the blower frame to accommodate the clamps! On my unit, there is a plastic housing which covers the upper shift controls which extends own the upright support bars. If clamped facing forward as the instructions suggest, the gas tank is in the way, plus the mount sits too low. I had to use the center horizontal bar which the instructions said, but I also had to dismantle the housing and relocate one of the cable plates to slip the clamps over that bar…even then, the canopy sits lower than I would like. Being 6-4, I have to stoop to fit inside the enclosure. While I am sure this unit would fit most models without having to make the modifications to the frame like I had to, wish the advertising mentioned difficulties with John Deere models.

By Amber, January 7, 2015 – A Great Product

This gift for my husband was a good idea. We live out in country & for the past 4 years with new snow machine, he has always had snow all over him from the wind. Now he is happy, dry & he loves this gift.

By Carolyn, January 2, 2015 – Fairly East To Get Together

We warmed up the cab before putting it together. The windows (plastic) were clear after using a hairdryer to help get the wrinkles out of the plastic. We warmed up the cab before putting it together. Fairly easy to get together.

By Brobin, December 30, 2014 – Assembly Was Easy and Love the Ease

Just as described. Assembly was easy and love the ease in which it can be removed for storage. Let it snow!

By Hard To Find Gifts, December 29, 2014 – Was Very Sturdy and Fit On Snow Blower

Got as a gift for my husband who loves it, was very sturdy and fit on his snow blower as suggested. The directions were a bit unclear, but he was able to get the parts together. He really likes this product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this product.

  1. How good is the mounting hardware. Will it hold tightly to the horizontal cross bar? Answer: I have had mine for two winters now and experienced no problems.
  2. Does the cab cover you all around you? Answer: No.
  3. How tall is the cab? Answer: 6′ 5″. It is adjustable by moving the holders up or down.
  4. How tall is it when completely installed on the machine? Answer: The top of the hood is 74-inches.
  5. What is the warranty on this product? Answer: To arrange for the return or exchange of an item and obtain an RMA # please contact our customer service department by calling 1-877-500-7499.
  6. When attached, will this fit through a standard door? Answer: This will add 46″ from where you mount the cab onto your crossbar. You will want to measure from where you would mount on your snow blower to determine the overall height. The cab is 35″ wide.
  7. Is this easy to take off and on for a low ceiling? Answer: Extremely easy, I take it on and off in a minute or two. Well worth it in my opinion.
  8. Is this gas or electric? Answer: Neither. It’s a cab. Not the complete snowblower.
  9. In upper Michigan it gets and stays around -20 degrees. How well does the plastic windows hold up? Answer: I’ve had mine since January 2016 and live near Syracuse NY (also a cold area) and haven’t had any issues with the windows. The snowblower lives in an unheated barn with cement floor so it’s probably colder in there than outside.
  10. Will I need a counterweight on the front? Answer: No counterweight, well designed.
  11. Does the cab come off easy? Answer: Yes! Just two small screws with an allen wrench. Just took ours off to take the machine in for service. Easy!

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As you can see, the universal snow thrower cab may just be the right accessory you need when doing your snow blowing. It will keep you dry and not have to worry about the wind or any snow being back-lashed into your face. If you own a two-stage snow blower, you need to consider this accessory.

This model fits most two-stage snow blowers. It does take some time to install (see the video above) the cab and mount on your snow blower. You should consider putting this together during the warm months and not during winter or in a heated area.

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Links To Purchase Universal Snow Blower Cab

To purchase this snow thrower protective cab, just click on the image. You will be taken to Amazon to place the order and see the latest price.

Arnold Deluxe Universal Snow Thrower Cab

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