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We are here to help you shop and discover the best products for snow removal, lawn mowing, lawn trimming, and leaf blowing during all seasons of the year. We offer a wide variety of the finest selections and quality products for snow blowers, lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and leaf blowers for your blowing and mowing needs. You will find great selections of gas, electric, lawn tractor riding mowers, and battery powered models to help you keep your yard clean and your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow and other debris.

We provide product reviews with feature comparisons and best sellers to help you find the best product for your snow and lawn needs. Here is a snow blower review to help you in your search for the best solution.


Snow Removal After A Blizzard

Snow Removal After A Blizzard

As you know, snow throwers are excellent in removing snow from any area. You are only limited to the height of the intake on the snow thrower in the depth of snow that will be removed.

Did you know – When using a single-stage snow blower they should be used on paved surfaces. The reason is that the impeller is very close to the ground and can pick up loose stones or rocks and can cause injury when blown out the chute. Two-stage machines can be used on any surface because the auger is a couple of inches off the ground.

It is recommended that if the snowfall is going to be greater than the intake depth of the snow thrower during snowstorms, that you remove the snow in stages during the storm. This is to prevent the motor from burning out due to the strain being placed on it in trying to remove the snow. To remove snow that is greater than the intake depth it will potentially cause of harm to the motor. This is what you want to avoid. Your only other option is to purchase a snow blower with a greater intake depth than the one you are currently using.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Grass Patterns

Lawn Mowing Grass Patterns

Mowing lawns is a homeowners annual spring to fall chore. You need to select the proper sized mower to do the job for your lawn size. The five basic types or categories of mowers are:

Some of the above types are excellent for small yards while others are good for large lawns above 1/2 acre. Be sure to select the model that is best for your lawn mowing needs.

Each category type has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to know the terrain of your yard to help in the selecting of the proper lawn mower. Some models are great on hills while others are not.

Another issue to consider is your physical health. Self-propelled mowers do all of the work without you pushing it. All you need to do is guide the mower around the yard. A drawback to these mowers are that they are more expensive than regular gas powered models.

Electric start models saves you the effort in pulling the cord to start the engine. This is also true for cordless, and electric mowers.

Electric MowersElectric mowers use a chord to operate them. They are Eco-friendly for the environment as they use no gas or oil for operation. Maintenance is very minimal. There limitation is the distance from the outlet that the extension cord can reach. Most electric mowers have a 100 foot cord length limit. This must reach the farthest cutting area from the outlet. Be sure the mower can reach this point. If not, an electric mower is not the best model to use in this situation.

Battery MowersBattery mowers are also Eco-friendly because they do not use any gas or oil to operate them. They are also good for small yards. Their only limitation is the battery charge for operation. Batteries operate on average for these mowers from 30 to 60 minutes. If your lawn requires more time, either you need a backup battery or a gas powered model. Cordless models work well on lawns up to 1/2 acre or less. These models require very little maintenance.

Gas PoweredGas powered models come in the following types: push behind, self-propelled, or riding mowers. If you should have a lawn greater than 1/2 acre, you will need to consider using a gas-powered mower to do the job. They require gas and oil for operation and be sure to have a supply on hand. So, the proper storage of these items takes on an important role.

  • Push Behind Models – These models require the operator to stand behind the mower and supply the energy to push the machine around the cutting area. These models come with options for mowing; mulching, side discharge, or bagging. Gas models do require the storing of gas and oil for operation. They also require maintenance throughout the mowing season.
  • Self-Propelled ModelsSelf-propelled models are excellent for hilly terrain, thick grass, and for owners with health issues. The motor does all of the work. You just need to guide the machine around the cutting area. The owner gets to set the pace of the speed the mower will use. These models are more expensive than the push behind models. They also require maintenance all throughout the mowing season. Because of the noise of the engine, you may have to wear hearing protection.
  • Riding MowersRiding mowers are used on lawns greater than 1/2 acre or above. They are good for owners with walking issues because you sit down while mowing the lawn. These models are more expensive than the other models. You may need to wear hearing protection because of the engine noise. They require maintenance throughout the mowing season and may require hearing protection.
  • Zero-Turn MowersZero-turn mowers are riding mowers that are fairly new to the market. These models are great for flat and none hilly terrains. They mow very close to obstacles which eliminates the need to use a trimmer after a mowing session. Saving you additional work. These mowers should only be used when it’s dry. Moist grass conditions may cause the mower to slip and slide during the cutting session. They also require maintenance during the mowing season. These mowers operate the fastest of all riding mowers up to 8 mph which cuts down the mowing session time by up to 50%. One drawback to these models as they are the most expensive of all lawn mowers.

Push ReelPush reel mowers are Eco-friendly as they use no gas, oil or spark plug. The energy used to mow the cutting area is provided by the operator. These mowers are great for lawns less than 1/2 acre. Provide excellent exercise and you can mow at anytime of the day. They are quietest all all mowers. They are also one of the less expensive models compared with gas, battery and electric mowers. They require no maintenance other than sharpening the blades at the end of the mowing season. One drawback to these mowers is they do not cut tall grass or weeds well. Using a push reel mower requires the home owner to operate them more during the mowing season.

RidingRiding mowers are just what the term means. The operator seats on the machine and guides it around the cutting area. Many models use a steering wheel just like driving a car but at a slower speed. Riding mowers are used for large lawns in excess of 1/2  acre. Riding mowers are more expensive than battery, self-propelled, push reel, and electric.

As you can see, knowing the size of your yard, the type of terrain, and your budget, will play a huge role in deciding which mower is best for your mowing needs.

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Below are some products which will help you keep your lawn in tip top shape all summer long.

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Other Types of Machines

Besides having snow blowers, we also have weed trimmers, lawn mowers and leaf blowers that can be used in keeping your yard in great shape. These tools can be used in other areas as well. The tools will help keep your lawn and sidewalks clean and make doing this chore easier to complete. The machines that are recommended here are a best seller on Amazon. We have listed the top models of machines for those powered by gas, battery or electricity.

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

If you should own your own home, it is vital that you have the proper equipment to do the job. Of course, you can hire someone to do this chore for you, but you can do it yourself if you have the time. This is especially good when a snowstorm should hit and you may not be high on the list and will have to wait your turn before the plow comes. By having your own equipment, you can get the job done sooner and probably save money in the long run.

Be sure to purchase a machine that best fits your situation as not all homes or areas are the same. Some owners are concerned about the environment and some tools are eco-friendly to the environment. Just be aware that some models may cost more than the others.


Always perform the proper maintenance to keep all of your equipment running in tip shop shape. The owners manual covers these maintenance instructions. Do follow them. In all cases, it will invalidate the warranty that comes with the unit if the owner fails to perform them as scheduled.

If you should own a gas powered tool, always add a gasoline stabilizer to the fuel to help keep the gas fresh longer. This will help extend the life of the gas so you are not throwing some away after thirty days.

General Safety Rules

You should always observe some general safety rules when using a power tool. Anytime you are using a power tool be sure to wear the proper protection because of flying debris and to prevent any injury to exposed skin. Many accidents and injuries occur when using these tools every year.

Examples are noted below:

  • Eyes – Wear eye protection to protect them from possible flying debris.
  • Ears – Wear ear protection to protect them from the noise being emitted from the engine.
  • Shoes – Wear good solid shoes and not sandals when mowing or blowing.
  • Shirt – Wear a shirt that protects the arms.
  • Gloves – Wear gloves to protect the hands.
  • Pants – Wear pants that cover the legs to protect them from flying debris. Do not wear shorts when cutting or blowing.

Be sure that the area is clear of children and animals before using any power tool. Many accidents occur because of not knowing where your young children or animals are. Debris can be tossed great distances from a power tool and can cause injuries to those that are near the area where the tool is being used. Always use caution.


The resources here will help you learn more about snow blowers, lawn mowers, weed trimmers,and leaf blowers, and how to care for them. Here is information about the difference between single and two-stage machines. Our mission is to bring you the best quality products for your snow blowing, weeding, leaf blowing, and mowing needs at great value.

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