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Snow Joe Single-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe Single-Stage Snow Blower


As winter blankets the landscape in a pristine layer of snow, the need for reliable snow blower becomes paramount in removing snow off the driveway or sidewalk. Enter the single-stage snow blowers. They emerge as the unsung heroes that effortlessly clears driveways and pathways with efficiency and precision. Here we present the top 9 single-stage snow blowers that are the best of the pack and will stand tall amidst the winter storm.

From compact yet robust designs to cutting-edge technology, these snow-busting machines are engineered to tackle the iciest challenges, providing homeowners with the ultimate defense against the winter’s wrath.

We will now take you on a journey through the snow-blanketed landscapes as we unveil the best contenders that have earned their place at the pinnacle of single-stage snow blower excellence. Winter will be no match for the power and ingenuity packed into these top-notch machines, a testament to the dedication of manufacturers in crafting snow blowers to turn a snowy obstacle into a mere whisper in the wind.

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Quick Info About Single-Stage Snow Blowers

  • Three types of snow blowers; Battery, Electric and Gas-Powered.
  • Clearing width varies from 18 to 22-inches.
  • Intake height varies from 8 to 14-inches.
  • Blowing snow from chute varies from 20 to 40 feet.
  • Electric models are limited to a cord length of 100 feet.
  • Store batteries at room temperature for best results.

Key Features of Single-Stage Snow Blowers

The key features that distinguish these top single-stage snow blowers are:

  • Power Source
  • Clearing Width
  • Intake Height

Power Source

The power source will determine how the snow blow will operate. There are three main power sources, and they are battery, electric and gas-powered. Each of these sources have their pros and cons to them. We will explore this further.

  • Battery Operated: Batteries are only limited to their run-time. Each battery type snow blower will have a maximum run time before they need to be recharged. This varies from 25 to 45 minutes. They are quieter than gas-powered models and easier to maneuver around. If you select a battery snow blower, be sure it will provide enough power to clear the snow on one charge.
  • Electric Models: Electric snow blowers are only limited to the length of the cord and if there are any electrical outlets to allow service to all areas of snow removal. Most electric models have a limit of the cord not to exceed 100 feet. Before buying this model, determine if the cord can reach all areas. These models are quieter than gas-powered snow blowers and easier to maneuver around difficult spaces.
  • Gas-Powered: Gas-powered models are only limited to the amount of fuel that can be stored in the tank. The larger the tank the more runtime available for snow removal. They are also very noisy and usually weigh more than the electric or battery models. These models are more difficult to maneuver but can remove wet and heavy snow easier than battery or electric models.

Clearing Width

Clearing width of all single-stage snow blowers will vary from 18 to 22 inches. The clearing width will help you to determine how wide a path the snow blower will clear in one pass. The wider the clearing width the less time it will take to clear the snow off the sidewalk or driveway.

Intake Height

The intake height on a single-stage snow blower tells you how deep the snow can be for it to clear the snow. For example, an 8-inch intake height can clear snow up to 8-inches deep. In locations where you normally get snowfalls above 8 inches, you need a larger intake height on the snow blower. Or you will need to clear the snow in multiple clearings. As the intake height gets larger, you can expect the model to be more expensive. Be sure to match the intake height with the average snowfall in your area.

The Best Over-all Single-Stage Snow blower: The best over-all single-stage electric snow blower is the Snow Joe SJ627E model. The best battery-powered model is the Ego Power SNT2112.

The Most Budget Friendly: The best budget friendly snow blower on our list is the Snow Joe SJ618E under $100. This is an electric corded snow blower.

Low Maintenance Models: The snow blowers below with the least maintenance are those that use batteries or electricity. While the gas-powered models requires the most maintenance.

Most Eco-Friendly: The snow blower models that are best for the environment are those that run on electricity or batteries.

Most Run Time: The snow blowers with the most run time are those that are gas-powered or electric. As long as there is gas in the tank it will run, and the electric cord has an outlet to be plugged into.

Top 9 Single-Stage Snowblowers

Below are our top 9 picks for single-stage snow blowers. To order just click or select the text link below the image. You will be taken to Amazon to place the order, read customer reviews and answered questions.

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#1. Ego Power SNT2112


This is a cordless battery-operated snow blower. It comes with 2 56 Volt rechargeable lithium batteries. With its steel auger should be able to cut through ice and snow faster than most single-stage snow blowers. The dual battery provides up to 45 minutes of run time on a single charge.


  • High efficiency brushless motor
  • 21-Inch Clearing Path
  • Dual Port Charger
  • Variable speed auger control
  • Throws snow up to 40 feet
  • Handle mounted chute adjustment
  • Intake depth 13-Inches
  • Excellent for the environment
  • 5-Year warranty


  • Price $749.00 (Price at time of publish)
  • Weight 50.6 lbs.
  • Made in China

#2. Snow Joe SJ627E


This snow blower runs on electricity that has dual LED lights to light the way when removing snow at night. It has a maximum cord length of 100 feet. Easy start at any time even on cold days. The model comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Clearing Width 22-inches
  • Clearing Depth 13-inches
  • 15-Amp Motor
  • Excellent for mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • 180-degrees adjustable directional chute
  • All-Steel Auger
  • LED Headlamps for night snow removal
  • Safety Switch


  • Price $138.38 (At time of publish)
  • Weight 35 lbs.
  • Made in China

#3. Ego Power SNT2101


This is a battery-powered snow blower. Has LED lights for night snow removal. It comes with two 56V lithium 4.0Ah batteries and charger. It provides up to 45 minutes of run time on a single charge.


  • 21-Inch clearing width
  • 13-inch intake height
  • 2 lithium batteries & charger included
  • Variable auger speed control system
  • LED Lights for night visibility
  • Throws snow up to 35 feet
  • 180-degree rotating chute


  • Price: $649.00 (At time of publish)
  • Battery must be stored at room temperature
  • Made in China

#4. WEN 5670


This is an electric snow blower with dual LED lights for night snow removal. This model weighs 36 lbs. Comes with a 2-year limited warranty. It uses a 14-gauge extension cord. Price: $147.07 at the time of publish.


  • Throw distance of 29 feet
  • 20-Inch clearing width
  • 10-inch intake height
  • 180-degree rotating chute
  • Small enough for easy storage
  • LED lights for night snow clearing


  • Made in China
  • Cord limit is 100 feet

#5. Snow Joe SJ618E


This is a corded electric snow blower. It comes with a limited 2-year warranty. Uses a 14 gauge extension cord. Throws snow up to 20 feet. 8-inch intake height. Over 4,250 reviews with a 4.2 rating. Price at time of publish: $70.99.


  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Weighs 26 lbs.
  • 18-Inch cutting width
  • 180-degree directional chute


  • Cord length limited to 100 feet
  • Made in China

#6. Earthwise SNJ74016


This is a battery-operated snow shovel. It comes with a 16-inch clearing width and an 8-inch clearing depth. The unit also comes with a battery and charger. 2-year limited warranty. The battery run time is about 30 minutes.


  • 180-degree rotating chute
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Weighs 19 lbs.
  • Easy to store away
  • Throw distance of 30 feet


  • Price: $244.07 (Price at time of publish)
  • Battery should be stored at room temperature
  • Made in China
  • Short battery run time
  • Full charge time is between 2 to 2.5 hours

#7. PowerSmart PS21


This is a gas-powered single-stage snow blower. It’s ideal for snow depth up to 8 inches. Requires a smooth clearing surface. Fuel tank capacity is 0.42 gallons. Oil capacity of 20 fluid ounces. Recommended oil is 5W-30. It uses a recoil starter system with a 4-cycle OHV 212cc engine. It comes with a 2-year warranty. Dimensions: 27 x 22.4 x 20.1 inches.


  • Throws snow up to 35 feet
  • 21-inch clearing path
  • 5 inch clearing depth
  • CARB compliant
  • 180-degree chute control
  • Free lifetime technical support


  • Price $349.99 (Price at time of publish)
  • Uses gasoline and oil
  • Requires maintenance before and after winter season
  • Weights 73 lbs.

#8. Greenworks 2600402


This is a battery powered model. Uses a 2.0Ah lithium battery. Takes up to 1 hour to fully charge. Battery run-time is 30 minutes.


  • Battery and charger included
  • 80V Li-ion system
  • Clearing width 20 inches
  • Clearing height 10 inches
  • 180-degree chute control
  • Lightweight only 33 lbs.
  • Easy maneuverability


  • Price: $299.99 (Price at time of publish)
  • When machine is not in use, store battery inside for optimum results
  • Made in China
  • Low battery run-time in heavy or wet snow

#9. VOLTASK SS-20B Snow Shovel B0B1TXSFMK


This compact show shovel comes with a 20V 4.0 Ah lithium battery. Battery run time is 25 minutes. It has a throwing distance of 20 feet. Intake height is 6 inches and clearing width of 12 inches. Dimensions: 10.83 x 12.2 x 54.72 inches


  • Lightweight weighs only 12 lbs.
  • Dual safety switch
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Moves up to 300 lbs. of snow per minute
  • Easy to store away
  • 3-year warranty
  • Battery and charger included


  • Price $149.99 (Price at time of publish)
  • Snow chute can be rotated up to 30 degrees
  • Not suited for heavy snowfalls above 8 inches
  • Takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery


Now that the top nine best single-stage snow blowers have been revealed, you can select the model that is best for your snow blowing needs. Whether you are old or young there is a snow blower model just for you.

These snow blowers will work best with snowfalls under 8 inches.

Remember, don’t use the snow blower on unpaved surfaces as the rocks and other debris can cause serious injury as the snow is being thrown from the chute.

The prices for these snow blowers vary from under $100 to over $300. Select the model that is best for your needs and weather conditions in your area.

Don’t forget to store the battery inside when the snow blower is not in use for best results.

Electric models require owners to use an extension cord. The maximum length should not exceed 100 feet. Be sure that you have an outlet that can cover all of the areas that needs to be cleared.

Common Questions People Also Ask

Is a single-stage snow blower good?

If you plan on removing snow from small to medium sized driveways and walkways, and the snowfalls are typically less than 8 inches, a single-stage snow blower should do the job.

How man inches of snow can a single-stage snow blower handle?

On average, a single-stage snow blower can handle between 6 to 12 inches. The intake height depth of a snow blower determines the amount of snow it can remove on a single pass.

What is the advantage of a single stage snow blower?

The single-stage snow blower models are usually lighter, making them relatively easier to transport and store when not in use. They are also more maneuverable than two-stage models, which makes them easier to get around tight corners and navigate narrow spaces.

Are single stage snow blowers hard to push?

The quick answer is no. However, some single-stage and electric snow blowers are small and lightweight and may have difficulty in gripping the pavement the way they should. These models are very easy to maneuver around tight places.

Can you use a single-stage snow blower on gravel?

The answer is no. The reason being is they are more open and have no shielding to protect the ground as they move. The result is snow and gravel are thrown everywhere and can cause injuries to bystanders and damage anything in the throwing area’s path. So, these snow blowers are not suitable for gravel driveways or walkways.

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