Snow Blower Stages

This is a review of snow blower stages. There are many companies that produce snow blowers. Companies produce snow blowers in single or two-stages. The purpose of this review is to provide consumers with helpful information on the best snow blowers for single and two stage machines and the differences between single and two-stage snow blowers.

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What is a Stage?

All snow blowers are classified either as single or two-stage machines. A single stage snow blower has a high speed impeller which moves the snow into the machine and out through the chute. A two-stage snow blower is generally self-propelled and uses two mechanisms to move the snow, an auger and impeller. The auger pushes the snow to the impeller and the impeller blows the snow out of the machine through the chute.

Differences Between Single and Two-Stage Machines

Below are some of the main differences between single and two-stage snow blowers:

  • Single-stage blowers are less expensive than two-stage machines.
  • Single-stage units generally have less power than two-stage machines to blow snow out through the chute especially when the snow is wet or heavy.
  • Single-stage units have smaller intake heights than two-stage machines.
  • Single-stage machines generally have a smaller clearing width than two-stage snow blowers.
  • Single-stage snow blowers are not self-propelled where two-stage machines are.

Now that you know some of the basic differences between single and two-stage snow blowers you can decide which one is best for you.

Helpful Suggestions To Decide On Which Machine To Use

Here are some helpful tips on deciding which stage snow blower is best for you:

  • Do you receive a lot of snow during your normal winter? If the answer is yes, then a two-stage machine will be better for you. If no, than a single-stage machine should do the job well.
  • Do you have a large area to clear? If yes, a two-stage machine should be used. If no, the single-stage machine should be OK.
  • Do you get several large snow storms each winter? If yes, a gas powered snow blower is best. If no, an electric powered snow blower is OK.
  • Are you concerned about cost? If yes, two stage blowers are more expensive.
  • What is the clearing width and intake height that would best accommodate your snow fall needs? A single stage blower can not handle as much snow. Larger snowfalls and heavy, wet snow require a two-stage snow blower. Be sure to buy a unit that will remove the snow with little difficulty in straining the motor.

Using the above tips should help you determine which snow blower is most beneficial for your snow removal needs. Be careful not to buy a machine that is more powerful than you need for your situation. Buying a two-stage machine to remove a 2-inch snowfall is a waste of money. Have a single-stage backup for small snow falls.

Best Single-Stage Snow Blowers

The best snow blowers recommended here are for both electric and gas powered models.

Single-Stage Electric Models

  1. Greenworks 26032 (20″ 12 Amps)
  2. Snow Joe SJ620 (18″ 13.5 Amps)
  3. Greenworks 26022 (16″ 9 Amps)
  4. Toro – 38381 (18″ 15 Amps)
  5. WORX – WG650 (18″ 13 Amps)

Single-Stage Gas Models

  1. Poulan Pro – PR621
  2. Murray – 1695885
  3. Snapper – SS822E
  4. Yard Machines – 31A-2M1E700
  5. Toro – 38272

The best recommended two-stage snow blowers are below.

Two-Stage Models (Gas Models Only)

  1. Ariens – 921018
  2. Husqvarna – 1830HV & 12527HV
  3. Poulan Pro – PR624ES
  4. Murray – 1695978 & 1695979
  5. Yard Machines – 31A-62BD700
  6. Toro – Power Max 726 OE Ele
  7. Snapper – 1696003
  8. Powerland PDST24
  9. Yard-Man – 31AM63LF701
  10. Poulan Pro – PR827ES

Any one of these machines will perform well. Most come with 2-year warranties.


Armed with this information, you should be well educated on the stage of a snow blower and which one will do the best your for your situation. Hopefully the snow blower stage review has helped you to become more informed. Deciding on which snow blower to use is an important decision and requires you do your homework. In the end, you will be glad you did.

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