Best Rated Manufacturers

Do you know which manufacturer has the best rated lawn mowers? Do you know which lawn mower brand has the least repairs? The lawn mower manufacturers review will provide you with the information on the best rated and fewest repair brand mowers. With this valuable information you can decide on which model lawn mower is best for you. The most important decision you must make is knowing which type of mower you should use to keep your lawn cut.

Today there are many brands of lawn mowers on the market and knowing which one to get would be helpful. What you need to do before you buy is to know which of the manufacturers has good ratings for their mowers and have the fewest repairs. To help you in making this decision, we have provided a list of the top four or five manufacturers of mowers by type. See below.

The list was compiled by Consumer Reports and they published it in their May, 2011 issue. CR ranked the lawn mower manufacturers or brands for the different model types self-propelled gas, push gas, battery, electric, and riding/tractor mowers. The brands are ranked from 1 to 5 and we have included the ratings for each. The ratings were determined on how well each model scored in the following categories: mulching, bagging, side discharge, handling and ease of use. Please note, the higher number the better the score.

Gas Self-Propelled

  1. Honda (83)
  2. Toro (81)
  3. Craftsman (67)
  4. John Deere (65)
  5. Husqvarna (61)

Gas Push Mowers

  1. Cub Cadet (62)
  2. Husqvarna (59)
  3. Yard Machines (58)
  4. Lawn Boy (58)
  5. Craftsman (58)

Battery or Cordless Mowers

  1. Black & Decker (61)
  2. Toro (56)
  3. Craftsman (52)
  4. WORX (52)
  5. Remington (49)

Electric Mowers

  1. Black & Decker (56)
  2. Remington (47)
  3. Homelite (43)
  4. Earthwise (39)

Riding/Tractor Mowers

  1. Cub Cadet (77)
  2. John Deere (75)
  3. Snapper (75)
  4. Craftsman (73)
  5. Husqvarna (66)

Source: Annual Product Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Most and Least Reliable Manufacturers

Another factor for lawn mowers that you need to consider is which ones have the least amount of repairs. How well did the consumers rate the brands by the number of repairs? This information was also published by Consumer Reports in the May, 2011 issue. Below is a list of the manufacturers with the percent of time their mowers went in for repairs. The lower the number indicates that the manufacture has the fewest repairs for their models.

The rates were determined by over 45,000 customers who own mowers and how often they went in for repairs. The list will cover just three categories, self-propelled, riding/tractor and push gas model mowers.

Gas Push Mower Repairs

  1. Troy-Bilt 8%
  2. Toro 8%
  3. Honda 9%
  4. Craftsman 11%
  5. Lawn-Boy 12%
  6. Yard-Man 12%
  7. Yard Machines 12%

Self-Propelled Mower Repairs

  1. Toro 14%
  2. Lawn-Boy 15%
  3. Craftsman 16%
  4. Honda 17%
  5. Husqvarna 18%
  6. Troy-Bilt 18%
  7. Snapper 19%
  8. Yard-Man 19%
  9. Yard Machines 19%
  10. John Deere 24%

Riding/Tractor Mower Repairs

  1. John Deere 15%
  2. Husqvarna 16%
  3. Craftsman 17%
  4. Kubota 18%
  5. Simplicity 21%
  6. Troy-Bilt 24%
  7. Cub Cadet 26%

ZTR Mowers

  1. Toro 20%
  2. Cub Cadet 26%

Source: Annual Product Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports National Research Center.

With this knowledge you now can decide on which manufacture of lawn mowers is best based on the ratings of consumers and by the percentage of repairs the band has. Selecting a mower from a manufacture which has great ratings and low repairs is what you are aiming for regardless of the type of mower you are going to buy. Ultimately, you are the final judge for which brand of mower is best for you. Each type of mower is made for specific conditions so be sure to buy the one that is best for your lawn.