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Greenworks Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower

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Battery powered lawn mowers are perfect for small yards or areas to mow. A lot of homeowners want to know if a battery powered or cordless mower will save them money verses the gas powered models. The answer is maybe. It depends on how tall the grass is when the grass is being mowed on a regular basis. Tall grass is a hindrance to the battery powered unit as it can place a lot of strain on the motor and battery and may cause it to get overheated and turn off the battery to preserve it. So, if you are considering using a cordless model, be sure to use it when the grass is short and not tall.

A small yard is anything less than 1/2 acre. Battery powered lawn mowers have limited run times. Be sure that the model you buy can mow the entire yard in one session. If not, you should purchase a backup battery to complete the job.

If your yard is larger than 1/2 acre, then using a battery powered mower may not be the right choice. The reason being is the amount of time to take to mow the entire lawn in one session. The battery may not have enough power to last for the entire mowing session. This will increase the cost of using cordless mowers. You still can use a cordless mowers even in these conditions provided you have a backup battery on hand already charged and ready to go when needed.

Benefits of Battery Powered Mowers

A huge benefit of cordless mowers verses gas powered models is the maintenance required for them is dramatically reduced. There is no gasoline or oil to buy or store, or spark plug or fuel filters to change, which can reduce costs verses the gas-powered models. The only maintenance that is required with the cordless mowers is sharpening the blade after so many hours of use and re-charging the battery after each use and during the winter storage months. Check your owners manual for this information. Also, check for any loose screws and tighten them. That’s it!

Another benefit of a cordless mower is that they are Eco-friendly for the environment. If you are one that is concerned about how much carbon you are emitting into the air, then go with the battery powered lawn mower. You may also live in an area that is concerned about the environment. Battery powered mowers will fit perfectly into that mold.

Also, you do not have to pull the cord to start the mower which saves a strain on your back and shoulder. This is huge if you are elderly and must mow the lawn on a regular basis.

One more benefit, is the storage of the mower at the end of each mowing session and at the end of the mowing season. Many of these models are lighter than their gas counterparts which makes them easy to stow away for the winter. Because they have no gas, there is no worry about removing and disposing of the unused gas and the storage of gasoline during the mowing season.

These type of mowers can operate anywhere up to 40-60 minutes on a single charge depending upon the battery life and the amount of grass and height being mowed.

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