Introduction To Lawn Mowers

Welcome to the world of lawn mowers. Lawn mowers are a great invention; especially if there are local ordinances requiring you to keep your lawn cut. Our grandparents were challenged with the sickle and scythe and great skill to cut everything evenly at the same height. Unless you wish your lawn to be a hiding haven for small rodents, a lawn mower will help you maintain your lawn at a height during the growing season that falls within the village code and expectations of neighbors.

To help you find the best lawn mower for your lawn cutting needs and to increase your knowledge of mower care, we provide some mower maintenance tips, customer reviews and purchase links.

Did you know?

  • There are five types of lawn mowers including one that requires no gas or electricity? Find out more details on push reel mowers.
  • Did you know there are some that operate by electricity? Find out more about electric mowers.
  • Have you heard of a battery operated mower? They do exist. Here is more detail on the battery powered mower.
  • Gas powered mowers cannot be used in California unless they meet the CARB standard? Read more about gas powered mowers here.
  • Do you have a large area to mow? Find out more details about riding or tractor mowers.

Can you prevent lawn mower problems?

  • Find out more by reading about lawn mower maintenance.
  • Do you know how consumers rate specific lawn mowers? Consumer reports provided a rating on lawn mowers in its May, 2011 issue. The report mentioned its recommendations for gas, electric, battery, and riding lawn mowers. Check out the lawn mower manufacturers review to learn more.
  • Consumers also provide their rating for specific mowers. Find out how consumers rank specific mowers.
  • Find out which brand of lawn mower has the fewest repairs.
  • Do you know how lawn mower prices compare? We provide purchase links for you to check and compare prices.

Please check out the push reel, battery or cordless, electric, gas and riding/tractor model lawn mowers.

Our mission is to help you find the best lawn mower for your cutting needs all in one place.