Single Stage Maybe The Answer For You

On this site you will find great selections of single-stage electric and gas snow blowers. Single-stage blowers do not have separate compartments for the oil and gas. Generally, you mix them together and fill the gas tank with this mixture. Electric models require oil to be added as the machine is used. Single-stage powered snow blowers are less expensive than two-stage machines. Single stage snow blowers may just be the answer you were looking for.

You may want to at a fuel stabilizer to this mixture to make the gas stay fresh longer and to your gasoline reserve. The main reason is that after thirty (30) days, the gas becomes stale and can clog up the carburetor.

Single-stage snow blowers come in two types: either electric powered or gas powered models. You have seventeen electric powered models to choose from various companies. These models will have various intake heights and widths to select from. Be sure to select the model that is best for your needs. Some of these models are EPA compliant for California.

There are twenty three gas powered single-stage snow blower models from various companies. They also will have various intake heights and widths. Select the gas model that is best for you.

If you live in an area where the snowfall varies, you may need to have a single-stage model as a backup to the two-stage model if you should need both.

Do not forget to maintain your model by properly doing the maintenance as recommended in your owner’s manual. Failure to perform the recommended maintenance will void the warranty.

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