Relax While Robot Mower Does The Work

Husqvarna 315X Robotic Mower On A Hill


If you are like most home owners mowing the lawn is a chore. Now, let the Husqvarna robot lawn mowers do the work for you, while you are relaxing on a hot day.

If you are a busy person, mowing the lawn requires you to adjust your schedule. This is where the robotic lawn mower can help you. It will mow the lawn based on the pre-determined schedule you enter into the app. Rain or shine, the robotic lawn mower will do its job while you are at work and even on vacation.

You can keep tabs on your robotic mower through your smartphone, or computer. It even works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices.

It has a built-in GPS system so you know what part of the lawn has been cut. You can even start the mower on days when it’s not scheduled to operate through the app. This GPS system is helpful in the event someone tries to steal your mower while it’s cutting the lawn.

Now, take your lawn cutting to the next level with a robotic lawn mower.

Video Installation of Robotic Lawn Mower

This is a short video on how to layout the boundary wire for a robotic lawn mower.

Benefits of A Robotic Mower

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a robotic mower.

  • More Convenient – You do have to create a perimeter, set the cutting height, and make a cutting schedule, and once that is done, the robotic lawn mower does the rest. You can go on to do other things.
  • Safer – The mower runs when you are away so the tendency of debris being thrown at you and hitting you will not happen. You don’t have to worry about cords, gasoline, oil, sparkplugs, oil filters and eliminating having to store these products in the house or garage. It’s also safe to use around children and pets.
  • Better Lawn – It uses the technology to better manage your lawn. Once it knows your lawn size, it will deliver excellent results.
  • It Knows When Not To Mow – You get to set the schedule for it to mow. It won’t mow outside that schedule. The built-in sensors tell it when it’s raining and will head back to the charging station.
  • Easy Maintenance – No mixing of gas, changing the oil, checking the filters or sharpening the blades. You do have to change the blades periodically using replacement blades. Also clean the dirt and grass off from under the unit as you would with any lawnmower. You will also need to replace the lithium battery every 2-4 years.
  • Mower Control – You can remotely control the mower via the app on your phone or computer. Set the cutting schedule, and monitor its mowing session. You can even have the mower cut the lawn even when it is not scheduled.
  • Saves You Money – Without the need to buy gas, sparkplugs, filters, oil, or having the blade sharpened, as these items are not used with robotic mowers, you are saving money. Which is great for the budget. There is the cost of charging the battery as it uses electricity and changing the blades.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly – Since it does not use gas or oil you are not emitting any gas or harmful toxins into the air. Robotic mowers are powered by lithium batteries.
  • No Raking of Grass Clippings – The mower cuts the grass into very fine clippings which do not have to be raked or disposed of. They are returned to the lawn as natural fertilizer that provides nutrients for the growing grass.
  • More Time For You – Maintaining the lawn can be very time consuming. Once the initial layout has been setup, you get to have time to do other things while the robotic mower cuts the lawn.
  • Monitor Robot – Using Smartphone, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can keep track of your robotic mower using the Automower Connect App. at all times. Even at work or on vacation. With the built-in GPS device, you know where your unit is at all times. Even if someone would like to steal it. It emits a high-sounding alarm to alert you if someone is picking up the mower and hinders theft. It can only be deactivated by a unique pin code.
  • Operates Any Time of Day – The robotic mower will even work at night and even in the rain. It has a noise level of just 58dB, so it won’t disturb your neighbors while it mowing the lawn even at night.

Video Husqvarna 430XH In Action

A short video at the Husqvarna 430AH Robotic Mower in action.

Problems With Robotic Lawn Mowers

Just as there are great benefits of using a robotic mower, there are also some problems you need to be aware of. We list them below.

  • Cutting to the Edge – You have to lay out the mowing perimeter and some areas the robotic mower will not get cut to the edge because of the boundary wire. This means you may have to trim the grass in these areas.
  • Setting Up Robotic Mower – There will be some installation and setting up required with a robotic mower. You can have this process done professionally by the company that sells the mower or you can do it yourself. Most manufacturers provide videos to assist you with the installation and provide other tools to make this process easy.
  • Battery Life – Battery life will vary among models. Most provide running time between 60-70 minutes with a charge time between 45-60 minutes. Mower goes to powering station when the power is low and resumes the job when fully charged. The average life span of the battery is between 2 to 4 years depending upon model. The battery life is also determined by the length of the season and how many hours a day the robotic mower operates. The more hours it is mowing during the day will determine how often the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Sloped Lawns – This is very important aspect of robotic mowers. They are limited to the gradient of a slope in your yard. If you should have slopes greater than what the model can handle, you should forget about a robotic mower. However, if your yard is flat, you need not worry about slopes.
  • Multi-Zones – If your yard is huge, you may have to set-up your layout into zones. Remember, your robotic mower needs to travel from one zone to another. If there should be obstacles like steps, fences, gates, uneven passages, your robotic mower will not be able to make its own way from one zone to the next. Take into consideration that only one zone will have the charging station. The mower will have to make its way back to it. If not, it will have to be manually returned to the charging station for re-charging.
  • Blade Maintenance – Models are fitted with two types of blades, a single steel blade or multiple rotating razor blades. The second type is different and used in Husqvarna models. It provides a precise and sharp cut. These blades are very sharp and also thin and can become blunt relatively quickly. Because of this, these blades will need to be replaced on a regular basis.
  • Requires Laying The Boundary & Guide Wires – Before you actually start using the robotic mower, you must lay the boundary and guide wires. The boundary wire sets the perimeter of the robotic mower so it won’t go outside it. The guide wire provides a way for the mower to go back to the charging station. This set-up can be done yourself using the videos and pictures that come with the mower. Or, you can hire a professional to lay out the boundary and guide wires. Most sellers of these mowers have a professional charge added to the price of the mower. You have the option of accepting the charge or not.
  • Determine The Perimeter of The Boundary & Guide Wires – First, you must determine how much boundary wire will be needed for your entire yard. Be sure not to exceed the total area the mower can cover. The manual should provide this information. Use a measuring wheel to measure where the boundary wire will be laid. Determine where the charging station will be in the layout. Then, lay the guide wire to the charging station. The mower will automatically go to the charging station to re-charge when its power is running low.
  • Charge Your Robot Mower Battery First – When you bring home your mower, you will need to charge the battery before using the mower for the first time. The manual will state how much time this will be. Place the mower in the charging station. When it’s fully charged, it is ready to go. Note: You can charge the mower while you are laying the boundary and guide wires.
  • Must Have An Outside Outlet – Before buying a robotic mower, be sure you have an outside electrical outlet to plug into. The charging station must be set near the outlet. If you don’t have an outside outlet, a robotic mower is not for you.

Husqvarna Robotic Model Features

The Husqvarna robotic mowers all come with some of the same features. These will be mentioned below.

Model 315X

  • Led Lights For Night Mowing
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Yards Up To 0.4 Acres
  • Handles Slopes Up To 22 Degrees
  • GPS Navigation
  • GPS Theft Tracking
  • Built-In Theft Protection Alarm
  • Cutting Height 0.8 to 2.4 Inches
  • 3 Razor Sharp Blades
  • Comes with Boundary & Guide Wire
  • Works With Alexa and Google Home Devices
  • Control It with Smartphone or Smart Home Devices
  • Tilt Sensors
  • Requires Personal PIN (Created by Owner)
  • Noise Level 58dB
  • Weight 32 Lbs.

430X & 430XH

Has the same features as the 315X accept for the following:

  • Handles slopes Up To 24 Degrees
  • Yards Up To 0.8 Acres
  • 430XH Cutting Height 2 to 3.6 Inches
  • Cutting Height 430X Is The Same As 315X


Are you a candidate for a robotic mower? The answer is yes if you have an outside outlet to plug the charging station into and have slopes under 24 degrees. Just remember, you must set up the perimeter first before using the mower and it must be charged. You can have the boundary wire and guide wires set by a professional with an additional fee or you can do it yourself.

Once you have this done, everything is now based on the schedule you set in the programming. The unit takes over and cuts your lawn based on the schedule programmed. Everything is at your control using your Smartphone or computer. You can even use Alexa or Google Home devices. It comes with a GPS theft protection to monitor where the mower is at all times. It also requires a personal PIN which you set up to protect it from theft. If stolen, the thief must know the PIN for the unit to turn off the theft alarm and operate the mower. It also requires the charging station as well.

Shop Robotic Mower and Parts

You can shop for the Husqvarna robotic mowers and parts below. Select the image of interest where you will be taken to Amazon to make the purchase. You can also read the reviews and answered questions before purchase. You also have the decision to include professional installation or not as a separate fee.

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Husqvarna 430X Robot Mower
Husqvarna 315X Robot Mower
Husqvarna Boundary Wire
Boundary Wire Staples
GWHOLE Connectors 20-Pack
Installation Kit Robotic Mowers
Replacement Battery 430X Models
Replacement Battery 315X Model

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