Toro Is A Bull When Mowing Lawns!



Toro 21199 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Toro 21199 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Toro lawn mower models are a top brand that is an excellent choice for any lawn mower. They are designed with innovative features for easy operation. Their mowers make for easy yard cleanup. Their brand is well-known and their self-propelled mowers are perfect for homeowners with yards less than an acre to maintain and don’t want to use a riding mower.

This brand of lawn mower is well known and it’s currently used in 125 countries. They are also used for cutting grass on golf courses around the world. Toro should make mowing your lawn a breeze.

Toro History

The Toro Motor Company history began in July of 1914, when they started to build engines for the Bull Tractor Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was built on the tradition of quality and caring relationships.

In 1918, the Bull Tractor Company folded. The Toro Company was forced to defend for itself.

In 1919, Toro invents the Toro Standard Golf Machine, the industry’s first fairway mower.

In 1924, Toro introduces its first power mower, the rugged and highly versatile 30-inch Park Special.

In 1925, Toro becomes the #1 manufacture of golf maintenance equipment and irrigation solutions in the world. They also become synonymous with turf maintenance among all major golf courses in the nation.

In 1928, their first greens mower is introduced.

In 1935, Toro becomes the Toro Manufacturing Corporation of Minnesota.

In 1942, Toro sales grow to $2 million and they served not only golf courses, but schools, parks, cemeteries, and estates.

In 1948, they enter the push mower market by acquiring Whirlwind Corp.

In 1950, they sell 15,000 Whirlwind mowers making their profits hit $6 million.

In 1956, Toro becomes the first lawn and garden company to advertise on television.

In 1982, they launch their first successful consumer walk power mower.

In 1986, Toro acquires the Wheel Horse Products Division of American Motors Corp. who manufactured a wide range of lawn and garden tractors including riding lawn mowers.

In 1989, Toro acquires Lawn-Boy for $98.5 million one of its chief competitors.

In 1999, Toro introduces the Toro Personal Pace self-propelled lawnmower.

Are Toro Brands Good

Toro has been manufacturing good quality premium mowers for years and have become one of the sturdiest and reliable mower in the lawn care industry. Their mowers come with one of the best warranty options over other manufactures.

With proper care and maintenance, the Toro mower will you give you lasting service for 10 years or more.

Toro makes great electric, zero-turn, self-propelled walk-behind or push mowers. You should find a mower that fits best for your yard size.

The Toro engines are made by Briggs & Stratton, Honda or Loncin and will vary depending upon which Toro model mower is purchased.

Pros and Cons of A Self-Propelled Mower


  • Makes cutting the lawn easier
  • Cuts through thicker grass with ease
  • Saves time in mowing the lawn faster
  • Great for hills and slopes
  • Suitable for large lawns
  • Produces a more even cut
  • Covers larger lawn spaces quicker
  • 8 to 10 years of service with proper maintenance
  • Blade override feature (blades are stopped while engine is running)
  • Some models come with a deck washout port


  • The mower is heavier
  • More features that can go wrong
  • Cost more
  • Not suitable for large-scaled terrains
  • Gas powered models are not environmental friendly

Reason Why A Gas Mower Does Not Start

All gas mowers at some time will have some issues in trying to start. Let’s look at some of the main reasons so you can take the appropriate action.

  • Bad or old fuel. Fuel over time breaks down making the fuel less efficient to start the engine. Drain out old fuel and fill with fresh. Be sure to add a fuel stabilizer to the stored fuel to keep it fresh.
  • Clogged fuel cap. This can restrict fuel flow. Just use a thin piece of wire to clear the clogged vent. If it’s bad, you may have to replace the fuel cap.
  • Bad spark plug. An excessively dirty or broken spark plug can cause a bad connection. The remedy is replacing the spark plug with a new one.
  • Plugged air filter. During the mowing sessions dirt and grass can plug the air filter. Remove the filter and clean it. If it is in bad condition, replace it.
  • Plugged fuel filter. If the fuel filter is dirty it will restrict the fuel flow. Replace the fuel filter.
  • Mower sputters and stops. It could be a dirty air filter or a plugged gas cap. Clean the air filter and gas cap. Replace if necessary.
  • Clogged mower deck. Failure to clean the mower deck can cause strain on the engine causing it to work hard and shut down. Clean the mower deck after each mowing session.
  • Dirty carburetor. The carburetor can become dirty and clogged due to bad fuel and ethanol deposits that prevents fuel flow. Clean the carburetor components and replace if needed.
  • Blocked fuel lines. Bad fuel deposits and dirt can cause build up and clog the fuel line preventing the engine from getting fuel. Use a carb cleaner and compressed air to clear the clog out of the line. Replace line if necessary.

By doing some proper maintenance on your lawn mower it will make it run more efficiently and last longer.


The Toro brand of lawn mower is highly respected and has great customer service. Their lawn mowers come in self-propelled gas models, walk-behind gas mowers, and riding mowers. If you should select a Toro mower, you will not be disappointed.

With proper care and maintenance you can expect your Toro mower to give you many years of service.

Be sure to select a lawn mower that best fits the type of yard you have. If the terrain is level with few obstacles, and under ½ acre, most gas powered mowers will do fine.

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